Canadian Cancer Survivor Network Survey on Avelumab

The purpose of this survey is to provide the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network (CCSN) with insights and perspectives about the use of Avelumab for the treatment of patients with metastatic Merkel Cell Carcinoma. 
This survey will be open until noon on Oct. 20, 2017, to enable us to prepare our patient evidence submission to the pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review (pCODR) on Oct. 24, 2017.

Thank you for your participation!

* 1. What are the symptoms or problems you experience with your Merkel cell carcinoma?

* 2. What therapies/treatments are you currently using to treat your Merkel cell carcinoma?

* 3. How effective have the therapies/treatments listed in question 2 been at controlling aspects of metastatic Merkel cell carcinoma?

  Very effective Somewhat effective Not very effective Not effective at all N/A
External Radiation 
Internal Radiation

* 4. What treatment effects side effects have you have experienced?

* 5. Which side effects are the most difficult to manage?

* 6. Have you had problems accessing current treatment?

* 7. Are there any needs in your current therapy that are not yet being met?

* 8. Which of the following issues would you hope that a new drug would address to manage Merkel cell carcinoma? 

* 9. Have you been treated with Avelumab?

* 10. What issues are better managed on Avelumab than on your previous therapy?

* 11. If you are better able to control symptoms on Avelumab than on your previous therapy, please describe which symptoms.

* 12. If more side effects are reduced on Avelumab than on your previous therapy, please describe which side effects.

* 13. If you found that Avelumab was easier to use than your previous therapy, please describe how it was easier to use.

* 14. What adverse effects were caused by Avelumab?

* 15. What expectations do you have for your long-term health and well-being as a result of taking Avelumab?

Please complete the following two questions if you are a caregiver (family member or friend). If not, please skip to question 19. 

* 16. What challenges do you face in caring for your loved one who is living with Merkel cell carcinoma?

* 17. What are the most challenging adverse effects related to current therapy or treatment that you have to manage for your family member? Please describe: (eg. Helping with fatigue, pain management, preparing meals, etc)

Thank you for your responses to these questions.

We appreciate your willingness to participate in this survey, which will help the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network prepare our submission to the pan-Canadian Oncology Drug review (pCODR).