We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Alertus Technologies on their Grants Program to award a full emergency notification system ($50-$80K value) to one of our members. NACSA is dedicated to serving those who protect our students. By partnering with Alertus, we hope to give members access to mass notification and communication solutions that will help create safer campuses.


Alertus and our Association Partners share a common goal of creating safer communities through the power of mass notification systems.


About the Program

Since 2002, Alertus has pioneered the emergency mass notification space, helping organizations find innovative solutions to disaster risk reduction. Through raising awareness, sharing technical expertise, and providing customizable software, Alertus seeks to continue its efforts to create safer campuses around the world. The Alertus Grants Program was created to help reduce barriers for organizations that want to establish or enhance their emergency preparedness strategies. Priority will be given to high risk and high need organizations.


How it Works

Included in the Grant will be:

●      Alertus Mass Notification System Software
●      Alertus Enhanced Notification Services and Support
●      Up to 50 Alert Beacons
●      Up to 4 Duress Buttons
We are thrilled to be able to partner with Alertus to give our members the opportunity to give their students, staff, faculty, and communities the peace of mind that when an emergency happens, they will be able to send and receive potentially life-saving notification quickly and clearly through the Alertus Mass Notification System and it’s integrated devices.

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