Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy 2017

The Shop Trading Hours Act 1990 (the Act) lists restricted trading days (ANZAC Day
morning, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Christmas Day) and places restrictions on what
type of shops may trade on these particular days.

In August 2016, the Government amended the Act which means that Councils throughout
New Zealand can now decide to enable trading on Easter Sunday, by developing a policy.
This means that each district throughout New Zealand can decide on what best suits their

The Council is proposing to get community feedback on 3 options that are being put
forward, one of which is to enable Easter Sunday shop trading throughout the entire

The full statement of proposal is available on our website www.stratford.govt.nz

Submissions close 4.30pm Friday 10 February 2017.

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* 2. You also have the opportunity to speak to your submission at the Policy & Services Committee Meeting to be held on Tuesday 21 February 2017, if you wish to speak please ensure your contact details are included.

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