* 1. Who are you? Name, email, phone number.

* 2. Would you be willing to audition as a Raven morning news host?

* 3. Are you currently employed? If so, where, and what are your hours?

* 4. Describe your on-air experience, if any.

* 5. Rate yourself on your ability to read aloud:

* 6. Rate yourself on your ability to work with computers:

* 7. How long is a newscast that begins at 5:19 and ends at 5:31:30?

* 8. How would you pronounce the word “trough” in the following sentence: “A high pressure ridge over the SE gulf will weaken and move onshore, as an inverted trough develops north of Haida Gwaii”?

* 9. Who represents Sitka in the Alaska Legislature?

* 10. As a listener, describe Raven Radio’s ideal morning news host.

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