You are invited to take part in a research project about why some Professional Practitioners experience Compassion Fatigue and others do not. This study focuses on individual difference factors that lead to vulnerability or resilience amongst Practitioners who work with traumatised clients/patients. The study aims to identify risk factors and develop recommendations for prevention prior to Compassion Fatigue developing.

The study is being conducted by Dr Beryl Buckby, with Sophie Bitters, Talitha Ames, Grace Mowczko, and Freya Comerford as partial contribution to their Bachelor of Psychology or PG Dip Psych degrees at James Cook University.

If you agree to be involved in the study please complete the following on-line survey which will take approximately 30 minutes.

Taking part in this study is completely voluntary and you can stop taking part in the study at any time without explanation or prejudice however, as the survey contains no identifying information about you we will not be able to withdraw your responses as we cannot distinguish your responses from anyone else’s responses.

In the event you feel upset by the survey please feel free to contact Dr Buckby, or if you prefer, for confidentiality purposes, Lifeline 24 hour Counselling on 131114.

If you know of other Professional Practitioners who might be interested in this study, we would be very pleased for you to pass on the web-link to the on-line survey.

The data from the study will be used in research publications.

If you have any questions about the study, please contact Dr Beryl Buckby on 0747814706.

Principal Investigator & Supervisor:
Dr Beryl Buckby
Department of Psychology/School of Arts & Social Sciences
James Cook University
Phone: 0747814706
Student Co-Investigators :
Names:Talitha Ames, Freya Comerford, Sophie Bitters, Grace Mowczko
School: Department of Psychology/School of Arts & Social Sciences
James Cook University (or other institution)
Phone: 0747814706

* 1. I understand that my participation will involve a single occasion on-line survey. I agree that the researcher may use the results as described in the information page.

I understand that by completing this survey I am giving consent for the information that I provide to be used as part of a student research project. I understand that the information I provide will not contain any identifying data. My email or ISP address will not be retained for identification purposes. Therefore I cannot be contacted for further information or clarification. This also means that once I have completed the survey I will not be able to withdraw the responses I have provided as the survey does not require me to provide any identifying information and the researchers cannot distinguish my responses from others. I understand that my participation in this study is completely voluntary and I can stop the survey at any time before pressing the final ‘submit’ button

I acknowledge that:

The information page makes it clear to me that I may contact the principal researcher if I am upset as a consequence of my participation. Or, if I prefer I may contact Lifeline and speak confidentially with a Counsellor there.

* 2. Age

* 3. Sex

* 4. Marital Status

* 5. Number of Persons in household

* 6. Profession

* 7. Highest education achievement

* 8. How long have you been in the Profession? (years)

* 9. Where are you employed?

* 10. Where are you currently practicing?

* 11. How many hours do you usually work?

* 12. Are you a registered practitioner?