As many of you have heard, Mansfield Public Schools is in the process of developing a long-term vision and plan for the district’s facilities in order to better meet the needs of today’s learners. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our schools are designed to meet the learning needs and expectations of today’s students, providing them with the education needed to compete in today’s global world. 

A Steering Committee representing a wide range of stakeholders has been meeting this spring to begin this visioning process for the district's learning spaces -- not just the brick and mortar buildings, but also other aspects of how space is used within the building to promote learning. This vision and plan will serve as a foundation for a broader conversation about the facilities themselves.

Today, we are reaching out to share some of the exciting possibilities for the future! We have some videos to share with you illustrating how other districts have designed learning spaces. Please take a few minutes of your time to watch these videos to see some potential ways Mansfield may design learning spaces in the future.

This will be the first of several communications. There will be more information sent in the coming weeks and into the fall to share even more ideas.

We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to watch this information, and look forward to hearing your perspective on how our facilities can best serve our students’ learning needs! 


Kelly M. Lyman,
Mansfield Public Schools