Cash Loans for Bitcoins

This survey is about cash loans using bitcoins as collateral.  See to read about the details.

* 1. In what country do you reside?

* 2. In what state or province do you reside?

* 3. How many BTC will you put into loan collateral?  Please remember we need at least 2.8x Collateral.  If one BTC is worth $2700, you will need at least 14 BTC for our minimum loan size of $10,000.

* 4. If you can prove you have that amount, we may bump you to the front of our line for our product release.  Can you sign a message using an address that holds at least that many bitcoins?

* 5. To hear about our product release, leave your email address.  We will not spam you or sell your contact info, and we will respect any requests to unsubscribe.  

* 6. How can we improve our product?