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The Texas Consumer Finance Association is a member based and focused organization. Our goal is to provide value to our members through the resources and benefits of membership in TCFA. As we work toward this goal we need your assistance in reviewing the TCFA programs and activities as well as assisting in identifying new directions. Please take a minute to complete the following survey. Your input and comments will be important as we develop future programs and directions. Thank you for your support.

* 1. I am involved in the consumer finance industry in the following way:

* 2. I have been a member of TCFA:

* 3. To me, the greatest benefit of my membership is:

* 4. While I appreciate the value of TCFA, the following are THREE areas I would like to see changes in the organization:

* 5. Please identify three new (specific) programs or activities TCFA could undertake that would benefit Texas consumer finance operators/owners and help increase membership.

* 6. The following are the three most significant challenges facing Texas consumer finance owners today?

* 7. I attended the 2011 TCFA Convention held at Moody Gardens in Galveston?

* 8. What THREE changes would you like to see in future TCFA Conventions?

* 9. What three workshop topics would encourage you to attend the 2012 TCFA Convention?

* 10. What three changes would add increased value for you at future TCFA Conventions:

* 11. I recommend the following locations for future TCFA Conventions (1/one being most preferred through 4/four being least preferred)

  First Choice Second Choice Third Choice Fourth Choice
Fort Worth
San Antonio
Moody Gardens Galveston

* 12. What specific information or resources would encourage you to visit the TCFA website more often?

* 13. Your Turn - please add your specific comments regarding the purpose and direction of TCFA.