1. Pharmacist's Learning Assistance Network Survey

Thank you for participating in this survey of the Pharmacist's Learning Assistance Network (PLAN). The purpose of this survey is to help us improve the quality and features available in PLAN. All your reponses to this survey will be confidential.

Directions Please respond to the following 6 questions as candidly as possible. An open-ended question is included near the end of the survey for additional comments. The survey will take approximately 4 minutes to complete.

* 1. Please rate how easy it is to do a PLAN search.

* 2. Please rate the usefulness of the information resulting from a PLAN search.

* 3. How often do you visit PLAN to search for CE programs?

* 4. Please list and rank the four primary ways (including PLAN) that you use to find CE programs.

* 5. Please tell us your suggestions for improving PLAN.

* 6. Optional -- If you would like to speak with an ACPE staff member about your survey, please leave your name and telephone number or email address.

Thank you for completing this survey!