Nominate a deserving business, including your own, for the 2020 Excellence in Business Award for Employer of Choice. The Employer of Choice Award recognizes businesses committed to creating a world-class workplace for its employees. The business has created a place where people choose to work over competing organizations. Company leadership focuses on the importance of employee wellbeing, implements formalized programs to encourage health, and provides a workplace that encourages personal and professional development.

Award recipients will be chosen by an independent panel of judges. Finalists and recipients for all awards will be recognized at the Chamber’s Annual Awards Event in December. Previous award recipients are not eligible for nomination for the same award category for five years.

Limit content to a maximum of two paragraphs for each item below and please be specific.

Please complete the following application by Friday, October 16, 2020. 

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* 1. Contact and Background Information

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* 2. Describe:  Leadership and Workplace Culture

Leadership refers to many aspects of a business’ performance, such as effectively communicating with employees, cultivating respect and confidence among employees, leading the way within an industry or community, having vision and being innovative. Workplace Culture refers to the prevalent atmosphere of a business including collaborating with employees in business decisions, respecting life/work balance, demonstrating balanced treatment in personnel decision making and creating opportunities for employees to be recognized.

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* 3. Describe: Employee Development

Employee Development refers to the investment in time and resources a business dedicates to developing its employees including continuing education opportunities, mentoring programs and opportunities for advancement.

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* 4. Describe:  Employee Health and Wellness Program

Employee Health and Wellness Program refers to the company’s focus on employee wellbeing and formalized programs to encourage employees to develop a healthy lifestyle.

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* 5. What additional information should the committee consider about this company?

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