Survey of Participants in this year's program: Parents, Participants, Volunteers, & Youth

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* 1. Who are you? (Check all the categories that apply to you)

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* 2. PROGRAM OVERVIEW: In general, how happy were you with this year's program? (Answer as a parent, volunteer, on behalf of your child, or as a youth)

  Stopped coming/Never again Disliked coming/unhappy Sometimes liked it & sometimes not Mostly enjoy it / Good program Eager to come / GREAT! N/A
My Child
Youth (Yourself)

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* 3. PROGRAM GOALS: (Success in meeting RE Program Mission & Vision goals (see italics) & key focus areas).

In your personal experience this year, the RE program successfully... 

RE PROGRAM Mission & Vision: Our mission is to engage children and youth in fun and meaningful activities that help them develop a positive Unitarian Universalist religious identity, an ethical approach to life, a personal spirituality, skills to live in a world of religious diversity, and a sense of interconnectedness with all people and the entire universe. For our children and youth’s religious education program, we envision a welcoming, safe, and exciting environment in which young people develop a rooted Unitarian Universalist identity and sense of community along with a personally meaningful, vibrant spirituality. 

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Sometimes agree / disagree Agree Strongly Agree Don't Know
A. Provided a welcoming and safe environment
B. Created a sense of community
C. Helped develop UU identity
D. Encouraged ethical living
E. Helped develop skills for a religiously diverse world.
F. Helped develop personal spirituality.
G. Encouraged interconnectivity
H. Taught UU Principles
I. Provided age appropriate programming
J. Actively engaged children

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* 4. PROGRAM SPECIFICS: How would you rate the following individual components?

  Very Poor Poor Some good / some not Good Outstanding/Great Don't personally know
Children's Sunday RE (4-10)
Jedi Academy (11-15)
Soup & Sources(Multi-Age)
Time for All Ages
December Pageant - Lorax
Multigen services (Family/ Earth Day / RE Sunday - Call to Community)
A Chosen Faith (Class with Rev. Connie - Adult)
Love Beyond Belief Workshop (Thandeka - Adult)
Got Race? (Thursday Presentation by Thandeka - Adults/Teens)

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* 5. PROGRAM MANAGEMENT: How would you rate the management of the following areas?

  Very Poor Poor Some good / some not Good Outstanding/Great Don't personally know
Communication in General
Parental Support
Volunteer Support
Volunteer Scheduling
Curriculum Updates / Design
Social Activities

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* 6. Future Directions Question: Minimal orientation/scheduling meetings were held this year.  What kinds of orientation, scheduling, or informational meetings/approaches would you be interested in seeing offered? (Choose all that would be useful)

  1 No value / not useful 2 Low value & useful 3 Somewhat valuable & useful 4 Valuable & Useful 5 Very valuable & useful
Parent / Teacher Orientation Meeting
Parent/Volunteer Manual
Online Self-Paced Video or Powerpoint
Field observation