* 1. What is your primary language?

* 2. What is the last grade you completed in school?

* 3. How many children do you have in the following grades?

* 4. What are the top 2 BEST WAYS you prefer that your child's teacher or school communicate with you about your child's education?  Please mark 2.

* 5. Do you have any specific suggestions that would help us increase parental involvement during the school year?

* 6. As a parent, do you have any suggestions for specific professional development (training) that would be beneficial to your child's teacher(s) or other parents?

* 7. As a parent, do you have trouble with any of the following?

* 8. My child's school provides a safe, clean environment for teaching and learning.

* 9. I am able to communicate easily with my child's teacher as needed.

* 10. I understand my child's grades, report cards, and local and state assessment scores.

* 11. My child receives academic assistance as needed.

* 12. What suggestions do you have of other ways we could help your child learn?

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