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This survey asks for information about your recent disenrollment from the hawk-i program. Your
answers to these questions will help us improve the hawk-i program.


* 1. Which of the statements below best describes the reason your child’s coverage was cancelled?

* 2. Do you understand the reason you were denied hawk-i coverage?

* 3. Do you feel you were given enough advance notice of your child’s cancellation?

* 4. Would you consider reapplying for hawk-i in the future?

* 5. Would you recommend hawk-i to a friend or relative?

* 6. Please give us your contact information (name and phone number) below if you would like a customer service representative to contact you about your answers.
You may contact hawk-i customer service at 800-257-8563 from 8am to 7pm Monday through Friday with any questions.

Additional Comments

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.