1. NITLE Social Networking Survey: Your Uses

NITLE invites you to share your practices and thoughts re: using social software and Web 2.0 tools. Your responses will be combined with those from others across the NITLE Network to create a community-wide picture of use that sets local uses in context. All responses will be collated and shared in aggregate form with the community. Thank you!

* 1. Which online community, if any, do you favor or find most useful for your academic work?

* 4. Which social site(s) do you find most valuable, and why do you use it/them?

* 5. Which online community, if any, do you favor for personal use (primarily unrelated to your work)? (optional)

* 6. Please provide the following demographic information about yourself. (optional)

* 7. What is your role at your institution?

* 8. If you have other comments, reflections, or questions, please share them here:

* 9. If you are willing to discuss your answers with NITLE and/or respond to other questions regarding social networking, please provide your name and email address: