The education debt crisis cannot be addressed by one single policy or program. Attacking a massive, billion-dollar problem requires energy at all levels. We know that changes we can make in our state are the best bet for making any progress on the skyrocketing cost of college and fixing a broken system of loan repayment.

The next governor has the chance to create sweeping change with legislative reforms and policy changes that help tackle the education debt crisis.  Eliminating the worst problems of education debt creates millions of dollars that can be invested in Minnesota's local economies and provides families with the stability they need to buy homes, start families, and provide prosperity for a new generation of Minnesotans.

We the undersigned support:

- Free college for Minnesota residents
- Loan forgiveness options for Minnesotans working in all areas of public service
- State government agencies empowered to advocate for consumers against abuses by loan servicers and lenders

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