1. Questions about your Austin Street Food Business ...

Hi there! We're a small start-up software company from San Francisco, CA looking into building Location-Based Solutions for mobile businesses like Street Food vendors.

We'd like to ask you a few questions about how you announce your location, promote your status & engage your customers online, on Social Networks & using Real-Time Communication tools (i.e. - Twitter).

If you'd like more details on our efforts, please feel free to contact me, Brian Frank (bfrank@livecolony.com).

* 1. What is your Name & Food Truck/Cart? What do you sell?

* 2. What type of Street Food Truck/Cart do you operate?

* 3. If you're "mobile", how many locations do you generally visit on a weekly basis?

* 4. Do you have a Facebook page for your business?

* 5. Do you use Twitter to communicate your what time you'll be "open", your where-abouts & your menu?

* 6. If you answered "Yes" to either of the two previous questions, approximately how many Facebook Friends/Fans & Twitter Followers do you have?

* 7. If you answered "Yes" to the previous question, what software to you use to post your Tweets?

* 8. Do you "enable geotagging" for your Tweets?

* 9. What type of Mobile Phone do you carry? Your team/staff? (feel free to list specific models in "Open for Comments")

* 10. "Open for Comments"

- Are there any more details about your answers you'd like to provide for the purpose of this survey?

- Are there any challenges you currently face when going out to sell? Ie. inventory planning for daily outings, making your location known to potential customers and/or keeping people abreast of your latest situation?

- May we contact you about participating in an Alpha of our new software? If so, please provide contact information.