* 1. Gender?

* 2. Age?

* 3. I will be including pieces on football, rugby, cricket, tennis, athletics, darts, horse racing and Motorsport please answer yes or no to whether you think this is enough. If you believe more sports should be included please suggest more and consider that the magazine will be released around summer time.

* 4. And please also tell me if you believe any sports should be removed and why in the box provided. If you do not believe any should be removed please skip the question.

* 5. Despite the majority of my target audience choosing A4 paper size last time round I have chosen to use the size A5. Is this a good idea considering the majority chose the magazine should be between 21-40 pages long. My view is that it will be more proportionate and cost effective do you agree? Please use 'other' box to explain your decision if you chose 'no'.