Spare a Rose Feedback

Thanks so much for participating in the recent Spare A Rose campaign or considering it! We've gotten a few stats back that we wanted to share. Thank you so much to the DOC - your help led to nearly 80 blog posts about Life for a Child and #Sparearose, over 250 Twitter accounts posting messages, and some meaningful financial contributions. Most importantly, the DOC helped with higher awareness of Life for a Child, which is wonderful for this small organization doing such incredible work. We would like to know more about why folks got behind Spare a Rose; thank you for filling out this very brief survey!

* 1. Did you participate with the DOC Spare a Rose, Save a Child campaign?
(click all that apply)

* 2. Why did you choose to participate or not?

* 3. What could we have been done to improve the #savesrose campaign?

* 4. Would you join a similar effort again?

* 5. Yes, please keep me in the loop for future efforts like this!

(This is totally optional but appreciated. Share only what you would like. Your information will not be sold, or used for anything but future efforts like Spare a Rose.)

* 6. Extra Credit Essay Question!

What kind of future campaign like #Savearose would you be interested in supporting?