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OEN selects finalists and a winner in three categories: Startup Stage, Development Stage, and Growth Stage. 

Startup Stage companies are developing the products or services they intend to market, or are currently marketing.  Projected revenues are 0 - $0.5 million for the current calendar year. What OEN is looking for in the winner: “Oregon’s Hottest Garage Venture.”

Development Stage companies are improving their product, marketing, sales, and administrative functions and may be adding people to support their growth. These companies have revenues of at least $0.5 million in the previous year with projected revenue for the current year of less than $8 million. What OEN is looking for in the winner: “Oregon’s Next Business Home Run.”

Growth Stage companies have a fully-marketable product or service, have earned a degree of market acceptance, and have acquired a critical mass of customers. Their efforts are aimed at increasing market share, moving into new markets, adapting products or services to new uses and customers or increasing efficiency and cash flow. These companies have growing revenues of at least $8 million and, if not profitable, are generating cash flow and are financially self-sustaining. What OEN is looking for in the winner: “Oregon’s Next Household Name.”

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As part of the process for selecting the winning company, the Judging Committee will conduct off-site and on-site interviews with the management team of semifinalist and finalist companies. Those selected as semifinalists and finalists will be asked for additional information during these interviews. OEN reserves the right to seek third-party verification of nominees when deemed appropriate.

If you are selected as a finalist, your CEO must agree to make himself/herself available for a personal interview with the Judging Committee in September. In addition, your CEO must commit to attending the Awards Dinner, to be held Wednesday, October 25 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon.

Finalist companies will be asked to submit a one-minute video to be aired at OEN’s Awards Dinner, that provides an overview of their company and its products/services.

CEOs of finalist companies must also authorize the release and use, in connection with the 2017 OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards program, of their name, company name, likeness, recording of my voice and photographs, including videotapes or other forms of media. No compensation shall be due for such usage.

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