* 1.

Philippe Lions, Oracle, "OBIEE SampleApp functional highlights"

This session will tour major new items in OBIEE SampleApp new features and capabilities, specific integrations (Essbase, ORE, Endeca, Database...), functional customizations enhancements, as well as allowing the audience to directly access VB image files for the event.

* 2.

Lali Chatterjee, Deloitte Consulting, "Finance Transformation: Insight-driven Business Process Optimization via Integrated Business Intelligence"

This presentation will

1) include the foundation for the need to integrate HFM and OBI

2) evaluate possible integration options

3) provide a technical overview of the custom integration approach highlighting implementation challenges and tool behavior anomalies

4) summarize the lessons learnt and technical considerations

The target audience for this presentation are Delivery Managers, Solution Architects and Practitioners who are familiar with OBI and have basic BI implementation experience.

* 3.

Koen Vantomme, Rittman Mead, "Data Quality throughout the lifecycle of a project and how to avoid a data headache."

Data quality is a very important topic and this subject is often ignored until the moment the project goes to UAT. A lot of projects are being delayed and ultimately fail because the data has not been properly tested.

In my presentation I'm going to talk how to implement a data quality strategy and how data should be measured throughout every project phase. It will also show a methodology for comparing data sources vs the data warehouse, and how to measure the OBIEE data quality vs the data in the performance layer.

If enough time remains, I will touch upon Oracle Reference Architecture specific for data quality. Although the presentation will have a focus on methodology and best practices I will also discuss some tools which can be used for measuring and improving data quality.

* 4.

Adam Bloom, Oracle, "New Developments in BI Multi-tenancy and Cloud"

Hear from Oracle Product Management about new deployment options for BI. Consolidate multiple BI tenants or applications into a single BI installation either on-premise or in the cloud.

* 5.

Antony Heljula, Peak Indicators Ltd, "OBI Performance Tuning - Real Customer Success Stories"

There is lots of information out there about OBI performance tuning and best practices. But there is hardly any information about actual customer success stories. In this presentation we will discuss 3 real success stories - in some cases reports improved from 25 minutes down to 10 seconds. The 3 examples all involve different methods and technologies including report tuning, DB parameter tuning, db clustering, Times Ten in-memory aggreages and database aggregates.