Developing a Community Archaeology Strategy for Sligo

Community Archaeology is archaeology initiated and driven by communities. This approach is  a collaborative effort of equal partnerships between local communities and heritage professionals. Many community archaeology projects have been undertaken in Ireland in recent years, successfully enhancing our understanding of the archaeological record and providing opportunities for skills development and active learning. By creating awareness of our rich archaeological resource we can develop an appreciation of our shared heritage and identity, fostering a sense of place and belonging through engagement with all communities.
The ‘Sligo Community Archaeology Project’ is an initiative of Sligo Heritage Forum and is an action of the County Sligo Heritage Plan 2016 – 2020. The project is funded by Sligo County Council in partnership with The Heritage Council and is being delivered by Tamlyn McHugh of Fadó Archaeology on behalf of the Heritage Office, Sligo County Council. The aims of the Sligo Community Archaeology Project are to:
- Promote awareness, knowledge and understanding of the local archaeological resource amongst individuals and community groups in the county;

- Promote heritage best practice in relation to researching and undertaking works relating to archaeological monuments and;

- Develop a strategic approach to community archaeology in County Sligo, through working with key stakeholders on specific themes.
Accordingly, Sligo County Council is currently developing a 'Sligo Community Archaeology Strategy' to guide the future development of the 'Sligo Community Archaeology Project'.
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Please be assured that it will be fully considered when the Sligo Community Archaeology Strategy is being drafted.
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* 5. Are you aware of or involved in an archaeological site or monument in your area?

* 6. Would you (or the organisation that you represent) be willing to assist in the implementation of projects and initiatives undertaken through a Sligo Community Archaeology Strategy?

* 7. Do you own or have responsibility for an archaeological site or monument in your area?

* 8. Which aspects of community archaeology do you consider the  Sligo Community Archaeology Strategy should focus on?  Please rank them according to importance:

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Conserving Sligo's archaeology to the best possible standard
Helping people to understand and care about their local heritage and history
Helping sustain the distinctive character of Sligo
Making a real difference to people's wellbeing in Sligo
Increasing community participation in conservation projects
Contributing to archaeological knowledge and research
Supporting lifelong learning within communities
Providing opportunities for communities to learn new skills 
Promoting social inclusion through engagement with all communities

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* 10. List three challenges associated with developing a Community Archaeology Strategy for Sligo and can you suggest solutions to these? (max 200 characters)