* 1. Parent/Community Survey
WASC - Focus on Learning
All parents of returning students please complete this survey. Parents of incoming 9th grade students the survey is optional.

Please mark one answer in each column for how much you agree or disagree with each statement.

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
Students are involved in challenging learning experiences at Lawndale HS.
Students are able to meet all requirements for graduation upon completing a four-year academic program.
Lawndale HS regularly communicates student achievement to parents and community.
Lawndale HS prepares students to pursue education and career goals beyond high school.
Lawndale HS provides a nurturing learning environment.
School culture is characterized by high expectations.
School discipline is fair and consistent.
All students have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities including sports and clubs.
School grounds and facilities are clean and orderly.
The Lawndale HS community is supportive of the school.
Students are comfortable asking staff for help with problems.
Students have a sense of belonging at Lawndale HS.
Lawndale HS offers a wide range of elective courses.
The administration provides good leadership that focuses on student achievement.
School leadership employs a wide range of strategies to encourage parental and community involvement.
My student receives appropriate support to help ensure academic success.
The teachers at Lawndale HS are well prepared and act professionally.
The school has enough staff to meet the needs of my student.
The school has sufficient facilities and materials to meet the needs of my student.
Students have fair access to honors and advanced classes.
I understand the sequencing of courses and graduation requirements.
My student is receiving good preparation for all standardized tests.
Teachers provide sufficient and timely feedback on student achievement.
Teachers assign a variety of activities such as presentations, projects, group work, and written assignments.
Teachers require the use of technology in a variety of assignments.
Teachers provide the instruction to develop academic skills such as writing, reading comprehension, and research.
Students receive appropriate math instruction.
Students have the necessary preparation to pass Algebra 1.
Teachers provide enough time to complete assignments.
Teachers provide timely notification of upcoming assignments and tests.
The grading systems used by teachers are fair, and understood by the student.
I am able to effectively communicate with teachers, counselors and administration.
I am aware of opportunities for parent involvement at Lawndale HS.
Parents have sufficient opportunities to learn about the teaching and learning process at Lawndale HS.
I feel my student is safe on the Lawndale campus.
I am aware that Lawndale HS offers support services through the school psychologist and nurse.
The Lawndale HS mission statement reflects the beliefs of the community.
Lawndale HS is actively pursuing the mission statement.
The Expected Schoolwide Learning Results reflect the skills that are needed for success in today’s world.