2017 - 2018 Student Survey - Grades 5-6

DIRECTIONS:  Read each statement and then choose ONE answer choice that you think fits best.  There are no right or wrong answers.  Your teacher will use your class's responses to better understand what it's like to be a student in this class.  Your teacher will not see our individual answers.

* 2. In this class, students help each other to learn.

* 3. At the end of each lesson, my teacher checks to make sure we have understood it.

* 4. My teacher asks me to improve my work when he or she knows I can do better.

* 5. The teacher and students respect each other in this class.

* 6. My teacher asks questions that help me learn more.

* 7. When I am stuck, my teacher wants me to try again before he or she helps me.

* 8. My teacher has several ways to explain each topic that we cover in this class.

* 9. My teacher uses our mistakes as a chance for us all to learn.

* 10. When asked, I can explain what I am learning and why.

* 11. I use evidence to explain my thinking when I write, answer questions, and talk about my work.

* 12. My teacher shows us how to respect different opinions in class.

* 13. My teacher usually knows when I am confused and helps me understand.

* 14. The activities (work) my teacher gives us really make me think hard.

* 15. After I talk to my teacher, I know how to make my work better.

* 16. Students speak up and share their ideas about class work.

* 17. If I have a problem, I can talk to my teacher.

* 18. My teacher respects my ideas and suggestions.

* 19. The material in this class is clearly taught.

* 20. I use rubrics or criteria given by the teacher to judge how well I have done my work.

* 21. My teacher encourages me to ask for help when I need it.

* 22. My teacher helps students make better choices when they are misbehaving.

* 23. I know the quality of work my teacher expects from me.

* 24. In this teacher's class, I have learned not to give up, even when things get difficult.

* 25. Students help decide the rules for how students should behave in this class.

* 26. In this class, other students take the time to listen to my ideas.

* 27. I understand the main idea being taught in each lesson.

* 28. OPTIONAL:  If you have any additional feedback for your teacher, please share it here.