* 1. How many students with diagnosed learning differences (LD) do you know? (Not including yourself if you are diagnosed with a LD).

* 2. Of the students you know with LDs, how many of them are your close friends?

* 3. If you have friends that have LDs, how knowledgeable are you about their personal learning differences? (Please select answers that apply to your knowledge of other students' learning differences, not your own if you have a LD). Select all that apply.

* 4. Have you noticed that other students in your classes may receive 50% to 100% extra time on exams?

* 5. Are you comfortable working with a student who you know has a LD on a group project?

* 6. Have any of your professors put information about LDs or accommodations on their syllabus?

* 7. Do you feel that students utilize their accommodations have an advantage over the rest of the class?

* 8. Are you aware of what resources Colby offers to students with diagnosed LDs?

* 9. If you were looking for resources to help you in your academic endeavors, what would be most helpful to have on Colby's website (please choose 3)?