* 1. Do you think the LOTR has a central theme, message, or meaning? If so, what is it?

* 2. Do you think there is some code of conduct in the LOTR that rules Arda (earth, middle earth)? If so describe it.

* 3. Do you think there is a savior, or Christ character in the LOTR? Who is it?

* 4. If you think there are moral lessons taught in the LOTR, are they ones you share, or is it possible the LOTR teaches you, or people ethical or moral lessons?

* 5. Does the LOTR show examples of a good relationship between man and God, or gods? If so write some examples.

* 6. Is there a God figure, or ruling power in the universe of the LOTR?

* 7. What type of character is Gollum from an ethical point of view? Is he simply evil, or a victim of

* 8. What type of character is Frodo? Does he make good decisions? Is he a type of saviour, or someone caught by his circumstances?

* 9. Are there consequences or rewards to/for the actions of characters like Frodo, Gollum, Sauron, Gandalf, or anyone else? Please leave some details.

* 10. Do you personally share any of these ethical, or moral views or traits you see in the LOTR?