What helps - eating disorder support

We want to create a resource of your views and experiences on what has been helpful in recovery from an eating disorder, and/or in supporting you with your eating disorder. We hope that health professionals, policy makers, family members and friends will turn to this resource to make their services, approaches and support better. 

Please write about what you have found to be helpful in treatment and support from professionals, what friends and family have done, and what has been useful in work and education. We will make sure your response is anonymised before we put it on the website, which you will be able to find here. You can fill in all or just some of the questions, and provide as much detail as you like. 

This project is a grassroots project being coordinated by volunteers with lived experience of eating disorders and other mental illnesses. 

Thank you for taking the time to fill in this survey! Your input will hopefully improve the support and help others receive in future.

* 1. What treatment have you received that has been helpful? (this could be NHS, third sector or private treatment)

* 2. Why was this helpful?

* 3. What have friends and family done, or not done, that has been helpful?

* 4. Why was this helpful?

* 5. What has been unhelpful in treatment?

* 6. Why was this unhelpful?

* 7. What have family and or friends done that has been unhelpful?

* 8. Why was this unhelpful?

* 9. If you have any other comments, please write them here:

* 10. We are also collecting some basic information about who answers this survey, but please feel free to miss out any questions you wish.