Waite & Mather Street Bridge Customer Survey

The Town of Hamden is starting the process of planning for the replacement of the bridges at Waite Street and Mather Street which cross over Lake Whitney.  Both bridges were constructed in 1935.  Regular inspections of the bridges have rated them poor and in need of replacement. The poor rating is because the concrete is deteriorating due to salt and age.

The Town currently anticipates the replacements to be conducted starting in 2020 after completion of the Skiff Street Bridge.  We also anticipate this amount of time to design and permit the project.  The Town will be pursuing a grant to replace the bridges and to do any necessary site work on the roadways.

Prior to engaging an engineering firm to conduct the design to replace the bridge, the Town of Hamden is conducting a survey of local residents and users of the bridges for input.  Your opinion will be used by the Town to create guidelines for the engineering firm to design the bridges.  We have added space for feedback where you can add comments and suggestions.  We encourage you to fill these suggestion boxes out so we can properly address any concerns you may have.

No personal or identifying information will be requested, only very basic demographic information.

Thank you for your time to answer a few questions on the following pages.

* 1. Do you agree with the Town replacing the two bridges over Lake Whitney? Please choose one.

* 2. The Town will be replacing the bridges in the same location and close to the same type of bridges as are currently present. We are seeking your input on any aesthetic improvements or suggestions on how the bridges may be used. Are there any changes to the bridges that you would like to see made to the bridges themselves?

* 3. Are there any changes to the road around the bridges that you would like to see made as part of the project?

* 4. There are two ways to replace the bridges. We could close the roads or keep one lane of traffic open each way. Closing the roads allows for a faster completion time (spring to fall). Keeping traffic open during construction lengthens the time it takes to replace the bridges (two or more years). Which option would you prefer?

* 5. Do you have any questions or comments about the bridges not otherwise addressed above?

* 6. How often do you cross these bridges?

* 7. What neighborhood do you live in?