1. Help us decide what event to hold in DC this Spring

This survey seeks to find out if you would be interested in participating in a live event in Washington DC in the spring of 2011. The event could be related to storytelling, reinvention and/or revolutionizing the world of work.

We want to find out what sort of event might interest you, on what topics and for how long.

If you would like to get right to the questions and the chance to win a RAFFLE PRIZE (a copy of Steve Denning's new book "THE LEADER'S GUIDE TO RADICAL MANAGEMENT"), go immediately to the first question below. (The raffle will close at midnight EST Wednesday January 12, 2011.)

If on the other hand you would like to understand some of the background to this survey, please read the BACKGROUND NOTE note by Steve Denning here: http://bit.ly/e1aJZv

* 1. I am interested in principle in attending an event in Washington DC in the Spring of 2011.

* 2. Some people believe that it would be better to focus our energies on online events, which can reach a larger number of people and which cost much less to produce:

* 3. The kind of event that I am interested in principle in attending in Washington DC in the Spring of 2011 is

* 4. The annual events in Washington DC have all been connected in varying ways to the theme of storytelling.

Some of the events have been tightly focused on organizational storytelling.

Some have been focused on using storytelling to revolutionize the world of work.

Some have been more broadly focused on storytelling in general, i.e. storytelling beyond the use in organizations, e.g. for personal renewal or simply for the pure pleasure of storytelling per se.

The Reinvention Summit was focused on storytelling for personal, business, and social reinvention

I am mainly interested in:

* 5. In some years, the DC events were for one day. In some years, they were for two days. In some years, they were held on Friday and Saturday. In other years, they were held on Saturday and Sunday. In 2011, I would prefer:

* 6. A number of people associated with annual Spring event have written books on topics related to storytelling, including Madelyn Blair ("Riding the Current"), Steve Denning ("The Leader's Guide to Radical Management"), Seth Kahan ("Getting Change Right"), and Michael Margolis ("Believe Me: a Storytelling Manifesto for Change-Makers and Innovators") to cite just a few.

One possibility for a Spring event would be to organize specific workshops (two-hours, half-day or one-day) in which people would learn in more detail about the principles and practices expounded in one or more of those books.

I would be interested in a workshop about:

* 7. In previous years, conference-style events have cost in the order of $70-125 per day, the exact amount depending on the venue. I am willing to participate in an event in this price range:

* 8. If it were necessary to raise the price in order to cover costs, would you be willing to pay more?

* 9. I am willing to help organize a live event in Washington DC in the Spring:

* 10. Is there some specific issue or problem that you would like a live event in DC to address?

* 11. My name is:

* 12. I am a member of

* 13. I am interested in:

* 14. MY EMAIL: I am offering my email here on the understanding that it will only be used for the purpose(s) which I designated in the previous question.

* 15. I have following additional questions or suggestions