NDEM Training & Exercise Needs Assessment 
Multi Year Training & Excericse Tool (MYTEP)2016-18

Please complete this survey and submit this no later than November 1st, 2015.
In an effort to streamline our Training and Exercise Planning Workshop Process, and to produce a statewide Multi-Year Training and Exercise calendar (MYTEP), we have opted to utilize survey monkey to glean information.
Please answer the survey to the best your ability. This will serve as both a needs assessment and a baseline calendar.
Training and exercise schedules should be informed by risks (THIRA) integrating the Whole Community (public/private sectors, all jurisdictions, NGOs, etc.) and using a progressive approach (A progressive approach is aligned to a common set of program priorities and objectives with an increasing level of complexity over time). Emergency Managers should create such a schedule after having assessed current capabilities and gaps against known threats and hazards.

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