1. MN Ron Paul Picnic RSVP

Picnic at Lake Rebecca Park, Rockford, MN for each and every Ron Paul supporter in Minnesota. Noon - 5 PM, June 28. Pep talk, candidate speeches,about 1 pm, eat with congressional districts about 2 PM, live music at 3. Bring the kids and swimsuits -- playground and beach available.

RSVP is so we have enough hot dogs, drinks and supplies. You are welcome to bring a salad, bag of chips or dessert to share (mark your dishes), or contribute $1 - $2 for costs, but not necessary.

We're just going to enjoy the company of fellow liberty lovers and share ideas on how to educate the public for the next two years. We might talk each other into running for office while we're at it.

Now we've added a raffle! You get one ticket for showing up and additional tickets for contributing to the RP candidates in attendance and Barb Davis White (one ticket per $10 contribution). The raffle items will include signed copies of RP's book, some rEVOLution sweatshirts and other stuff to be added.

There are 200 or so RSVPed right now. Since the campaign list is no longer available to us, we have to rely on you to get the word out and invite others. So feel free to pass an email invitation around to all freedom lovers!

Include your email address in the event there are any sudden changes. (There is a shelter for weather complications, but as you know, the clouds part for Ron Paul and his people. At the very least, we'll try to bribe our Weather Bureau contact again.)