The TERN Strategic Framework is being further developed into a detailed 10-year science plan. TERN is currently seeking input from stakeholders in the ecosystem science community, government and industry to guide its future activities. Your feedback in answering the questions in this brief survey would be much appreciated. In order to contribute to the development of the detailed plan, please complete the survey by Friday 30th September.

* 1. What TERN research infrastructure (e.g. equipment, data, services or tools) do you currently use?

* 2. What additional research infrastructure (e.g. type or spatial coverage of equipment, data, services or tools) would most benefit your work in ecosystem science or management?

* 3. What additional research infrastructure (e.g. type or spatial coverage of equipment, data, services or tools) do you think would be most beneficial to Australia’s ecosystem science and/or management?

* 4. Do you agree with the priorities outlined for consolidation of existing infrastructure and further growth opportunities, in the event of increased funding? (i.e. expansion of capabilities at existing sites, expansion into areas currently lacking environmental monitoring infrastructure, establishment of a freshwater ecosystems capability, a fully functioning monitoring capability for Australia’s coasts, and the expansion of TERN’s synthesis capabilities). If not, please specify your suggested priorities.

* 5. What are the key a) datasets and/or b) data services you require?

* 6. If TERN is to fulfil its vision (that by 2025, Australia will possess a continuously growing time-series of environmental measurements for land-based ecosystems that enables science for decision making about valuable ecosystem assets and foster targeted research on emerging challenges), what are the core environmental variables that you think should be measured nationally?

* 7. In which area/s of ecosystem science do you think Australia could be a global leader?

* 8. As outlined in the strategic framework, TERN is focusing on four themes (land cover, biodiversity, carbon stocks and cycles, and productivity). Do you think these are useful themes? Are there any ecosystem attributes you think are important that are not encompassed by these?

* 9. Do you have any other feedback on TERN’s vision, planned activities, or what should be included in the detailed science plan?  

Thank you very much for your participation. If you would like to provide further feedback, please contact