* 1. Approximately how many hours have you spent playing Dark Souls?

* 2. When you first heard of Dark Souls and began playing it, were you aware it was a Japanese-developed game?

* 3. In your own opinion, what is the best aspect of Dark Souls?

* 4. Compared to other games of a similar nature, would you say the Dark Souls community is more involved or less involved in social media such as reddit, message boards, steam groups, etc?

* 5. If you had to describe the atmosphere of Dark Souls in one sentence, what would you say?

* 6. If you're familiar with other RPGs with Western-Medieval settings that were created in Japan (such as Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy), how "Japanese" would you say Dark Souls is in comparison?

* 7. How important would you say the story of Dark Souls is to you, personally?

* 8. Comments? Questions?