This survey provides the opportunity for QCOSS members to help inform our first Annual Priorities Statement.

The QCOSS Annual Priorities Statement will set out the key priorities and actions we consider most important over the next 12 months to help achieve our vision of equality, opportunity and wellbeing for every person in every community of Queensland.

We have developed this survey to get your feedback on the following key priority areas:

  • Starting a revolution: What actions can government take to help achieve our vision of engaged, inclusive and thriving communities?
  • Being in service: What changes can government make to support a sustainable social service system that meets the needs of communities?
  • Rebooting the system: How can we influence government to overturn the systems and structures that create and perpetuate inequality - with a particular focus on:
  • Self-determination for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • A state where everyone has a home
  • Improving financial wellbeing
  • Accessibility, inclusion and human rights for all
  • A smooth and equitable transition to a sustainable future

The survey will take approximately 20 minutes.

To complete the survey, please click the ‘Next’ button below.