January/February 2023

Thank you for being part of the Eden Recovery and Resilience Alliance's (ERRA) community consultation about the future of Nullica Lodge. The growing housing crisis across the Bega Valley Shire and RSL LifeCare’s decision to close its residential aged care operation at Nullica Lodge (Roy Wotton Gardens) have prompted discussions about the future of the facility, which is currently empty.

Our aim in conducting this survey is to give the community a voice and gather information about its views on the next steps for reopening  Nullica Lodge in Eden. We will share that information with stakeholders and other interested parties including RSL LifeCare and State and Federal government representatives.

Other ways for you to have a voice include writing to politicians and members of parliament. Follow this link to a template letter you can use and an address list for councillors, local members of parliament,  ministers and shadow ministers [insert link]  

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Thank you for sharing your views about this important community issue. Please share this survey with others who may wish to participate.

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* 1. How do you feel about the need for Nullica Lodge to be reopened as a housing facility for the elderly and people with disabilities?

Question Title

* 2. Do you support the Eden Recovery and Resilience Alliance (ERRA) continuing to pursue this matter?

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* 3. How important do you believe it is for the community to have a say in the future of Nullica Lodge?

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* 4. Do you think Nullica Lodge should be owned and managed by the local community?

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* 5. Please share with us any questions or thoughts you have about the future of Nullica Lodge.

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* 6. Please share with us the name of your town, village or locality