Hi there, hero! Ai no Miko and Beleen here, and we need your help on our quest:

We want to level up the www.AQ.com homepage!

We value your opinion more than a Starbucks Frappachino, so please take a few minutes to fill this survey out so we can create an AWESOME website that you will want to call home...page. =D

* 1. First question! How long have you been playing AdventureQuest Worlds?

* 2. Now tell me, how old are you in real life? Pick the age bracket you are a part of. Don't worry, your answer is safe with us!

* 3. You're doing great! So, are you a boy, or a girl?

* 4. Super. Could you tell us 3 websites you visit most often? Not including Artix websites (because we know you visit these already, hehe!) Just pick whatever websites you go to a lot =)

* 5. Fantastic. Now, what video game-related websites do you visit regularly? Please list 3 gaming websites that are NOT affiliated with Artix Entertainment websites.

* 6. When visiting a video game’s website for the first time, what is the first thing you do, or the first thing you look for? Just pick one!

* 7. Awesome! Speaking of awesome... what are the 3 most awesome-looking websites on the internet? And why do you like them? (Don't list any Artix Entertainment websites, although we appreciate you thinking of us!)

* 8. Dang, you're good at this... you're a Survey Slayer! So tell me, what is MOST important to you when visiting a website? Just pick the one thing that's most important to you.

* 9. Almost done, hero! How often do you surf the internet on your phone, smart phone, tablet, or other mobile devices? Please choose the best answer for you!

* 10. And now, for your final Quest...erm, I mean Question: What features and/or functionality would you like to see included in a new totally awesome www.AQ.com website? We're not talking about the AQWorlds game, just the www.AQ.com webpage. Here's your chance to be a part of designing a new AQ.com website, so don't hold anything back!!