Cultural Fire Advocacy and Collaborative Projects

Great, it looks like you are keen to join up to the Firesticks Alliance in some way, please fill out this form to see how best we can align your interest with ours going forward. There are a few ways you can get involved. Some people just want to stay in touch, others want to drive our organisation. We are keen to be inclusive, but we also need to move at a sustainable pace - like a cool fire.  

The intent of Firesticks Alliance is to provide Indigenous leadership, advocacy and action to protect, conserve and enhance cultural and natural values of people and country through cultural fire and land management practices.

The Firesticks Community of Practice has supported many communities, organisations and stakeholders with engagement and development of a range of collaborative Fire Management projects across eastern Australia. The Firesticks approach is to support Indigenous leadership through community mentorship on country.   

Thank you for your participation!