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* 1. Choose up to three of the following choices to most accurately describe the environment, the "field of energy" in your office (or whatever milieu is central to your life: team, campus, family).
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  Dominant feel of culture Secondary feel of culture Tertiary feel of culture
Tired: Unmotivated, reluctant, bored, not bought in, unsure of the purpose or point of it all.
Hyper-charged: Competitive, ambitious, people are defensive and sometimes go on the offensive.
Optimal-competitive: Driving, goal-focused, urgent, striving.
People-growing: An abiding sense that everyone matters, deserves to be heard, cared for, grown.
Toxic: There's deceit. Things said hide real messages. Sometimes you want to wash your hands to get off the toxins.
Generating: Sense of great possibility. People saying, "Yes! And, also..." Helpful. Sum exceeding parts.
Dark and Heavy: Almost as if there is personal or shared sadness. Sense of worry, foreboding, guilt.
Tense: Boss(es) looking for mistakes, restless, nervous and cautious culture.
Light: Fun could pop out anywhere. Mistakes are part of life. New ideas arise as if on their own.
Heavy and slow: Lots of discussing, few decisions, committees, study, revisiting.