1. T-shirt Help!

To find out which tshirts people enjoy the most and would be most likely to purchase :)

* 1. Which t shirt/s do you like the most?

* 2. Which shirt/s would you be most likely to purchase?

* 3. What Color/s do you like the best, or are most likely to purchase?

* 4. What size would you purchase in standard mens sizes (ladies cuts will be available in time)

* 5. How many t shirts would you be likely to purchase?

* 6. What kind of material are you most interested in?

* 7. If these shirts were available on organic material what would you feel is a fair price with shipping included. (additional for international)

* 8. Is this a product you would tell other people about, or buy as a gift?

* 9. I realize all the colors aren't represented, any comments or thoughts are always well received, thanks for taking the time to fill this out!
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