General Information


Lockyer Valley Regional Council is lobbying for BlazeAid to establish a basecamp in the region to provide volunteer assistance towards restoration of rural fences damaged from the bushfires that occurred September to November 2019.  

To assist with the lobbying process and to fast-track assistance if BlazeAid comes to the region, it is important to have a reasonable estimate of the number and locations of properties needing support, and of the approximate length of fencing that needs to be restored. 

Completing this form does not commit you to accepting assistance as we are simply trying to get an indication of likely support needs. If there are not enough registrations BlazeAid may not see the need as great enough to justify coming. If they do come and you have not registered on this form, you could still be provided with assistance should you need it by making direct contact with BlazeAid. 

Any information you provide here will be managed in line with National and Council's privacy principles and will only be used for provision of support to landholders whose property was impacted by the bushfires, and will not be shared outside of Council except with BlazeAid for this specific purpose. 

For more information please contact Council's Community Engagement Team on 1300 005 872 or email
What are the cost implications?

Rural landholders that receive BlazeAid's volunteer assistance to rebuild fences are not expected to pay any fees to BlazeAid, Council or anyone else. 

Rural landholders are generally expected to provide morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for the volunteers that are onsite. 

Rural landholders are generally expected to provide fencing materials, including any reusable materials from existing fencing. Assistance may be available with the cost of fencing materials subject to eligibility. 

Lockyer Valley Regional Council and BlazeAid cannot make any commitment to restoring all or any rural fences for applicants, however they will provide as much assistance across the region as budgeted resources allow. 

For detailed information on the expectations of rural landholders receiving BlazeAid's assistance please read BlazeAid's Property Owners Workplace Agreement.