1. ShapeShifter Survival Sign Up: Intensions, Desires and Needs

The Lucille Clifton Shapeshifter Survival Poetry Intensive on SATURDAY, AUGUST 21st from !0 AM to 5 PM is for all parents and caregivers and survivors of sexual violence who are committed to ending child sexual abuse this poetry intensive will allow participants to reflect on Lucille Clifton’s ShapeShifter series and other poems that deal directly with her experience as a survivor of child sexual abuse and to write and share their own poetry of healing and transformation.

Lex will use your responses to these questions to design the day.

* 1. Why have you decided to attend the ShapeShifter Survivor Poetry Intensive? What do you hope to get out of the experience?

* 2. The Poetry Intensive will be ALL DAY on Saturday August 21st. Meals and childcare will be included. What will support you in being able to come on time and participate fully all day long?

* 3. Please list any food preferences or allergies :)

* 4. How many YOUNG REVOLUTIONARIES will you be bringing with you?
Please list the names and ages of all children. Also indicate whether you prefer childcare in the same space as the intensive or in a separate space at the same location.

* 5. The requested donation for the ShapeShifter Survival Poetry Intensive is sliding scale from $25-100 per participant (for adults!).

Participants are encouraged to ask members of their communities and families that will benefit from their participation in this training to contribute to their donation as a way of sharing accountability for healing and promoting conversations about our vision for creating a world free from child sexual abuse and all violence.

Please indicate how much you intend to donate or a barter you'd like to propose instead.

* 6. What is the best way to reach you? Please include your name and contact information here.