* 1. For the research question below, identify two key concepts and brainstorm one synonym for each concept.

Should sentencing for marijuana use be re-examined?

* 2. Imagine you are researching the controversy surrounding privacy issues in health care. You want to find subject-specific articles that debate this issue.  Which of the following databases is most likely to have articles that contain this information?

* 3. Imagine you are researching how diet affects freshmen. Which search strategy would be the most effective when you’re trying to find both concepts in the results retrieved?

* 4. Which of the following categories is most likely to contain articles that provide a broad overview of the controversy surrounding privacy issues in health care?

* 5. An article containing glossy photos, advertisements and is written for a general audience, this article is most likely published in:

* 6. The catalog (WorldCat UMD) is a resource I would use to locate physical items in the library such as a:

* 7. Research Port is a resource I would use to find articles in a:

* 8. An article written for a specialized audience by a subject expert that includes an abstract, graphs, and extensive bibliography will most likely be published in this type of source:

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