Please give us your feedback on St. Matthew's Older Adults Ministry opportunities.

* 1. Would you be interested in activities planned for older adults (65+)? If so, what kinds?

* 2. What day(s) of the week and/or time(s) works for you?

* 3. Would you be interested in year round activities?

* 4. What kind of speakers would you be interested in?

* 5. Do you know of any speakers to recommend to us?

* 6. Trips: What kind of trips would you go on?

* 7. Trips: Would you go on an overnight trip? If so, what is the max number of nights?

* 8. Trips: What kind of physical activity level are you interested in?

* 9. Would you be interested in helping the SAINTS in one of the following ways?

* 10. Other Comments?