Identifying Important Questions about Arctic Environmental Change

The Study of Environmental Arctic Change (SEARCH) would like to know what questions are important to you concerning environmental change in the Arctic. SEARCH ( is a collaborative program of Arctic scientists, funding agencies, and other stakeholders that promotes collaborative research and synthesis and broadly communicates results. Your answers to the following questions will help us better serve your needs.

* 1.  What type of organization do you primarily work for?

* 2.  What sector do you primarily work within? (For example: policy, economic, transportation, public safety, energy, conservation, science and research, etc.)

* 3.  What essential questions or knowledge gaps would you like to see scientists answer/address regarding the changing Arctic environment?

* 4.  How, if at all, do you engage with scientists and/or access scientific-based information in the context of your work?

* 4a.  Are there ways in which you would like to engage with scientists? If yes, please explain:

* 4b.  Are there barriers to engaging with scientists? If yes, please explain:

* 5.  Please provide your name and email address if you are willing to be contacted by SEARCH for potential follow-up communication regarding your answers.

* 6.  SEARCH wants to form a few pilot groups of scientists and stakeholders focused on timely and important topics, around which to explore more effective ways of providing useful scientific information to stakeholders.  Are you interested in participating in such a group? (If so, please be sure to enter your contact information to Question 5 above.)

* 7.  Are you attending (or did you attend) the AMAP 2017 International Conference on Arctic Science: Bringing Knowledge to Action?