1. Is the Adelaide Oval redevelopment enhancing or ruining the venue?

2. Was updating Adelaide Oval the right move or should a separate AFL venue have been built?

3. Will the oval's 53,000 capacity be enough?

4. Should more have been spent to give the new-look oval a retractable roof?

5. Is the footbridge across the River Torrens good thinking or a waste of money?

6. If the footbridge is to be built, should it be the 12m wide, as originally planned, or is the decision to trim it to 8m wide OK?

7. What would you be interested in watching at Adelaide Oval? (You can choose more than one)

8. What method of transport would you mainly use to get to games?

9. Will the new oval project make it more or less likely you would attend a cricket match at Adelaide Oval?

10. Would you be more likely to go to Adelaide Oval to watch AFL football than to attend AAMI Stadium?

11. Do the Crows need a new home near Adelaide Oval?

12. Does Port Adelaide need a new home close to Adelaide Oval?

13. What kind of membership are you likely to buy? (you can choose more than one)

14. Should Ultimate membership tickets be transferrable?

15. Should cricket's members' area dress standards also apply for football (collared shirts for men, modest clothing for women)?

16. Should full-strength beer be served at Adelaide Oval?

17. Should football patrons be able to take alcoholic drinks back to their seats at Adelaide Oval?

18. Are you looking forward to standing on the hill to watch football?

19. What do you think of the upgraded hill?

20. What do you like about the hill upgrade? (You can choose more than one)

21. When there are events on at Adelaide Oval, should parking be provided in the nearby parklands?

22. What will be the main factors that decide whether you go to events at Adelaide Oval? (You can choose more than one)