To nominate a faculty member, please provide, to the best of your ability, your observations of the teacher’s contributions according to the four criteria listed below. Please be as specific as you can, providing examples that illustrate each criterion. Please submit nominations via this form by Thursday, March 29, 2018.

* 1. Enter Your Name
(Your name will be used only for tracking purposes and will not be disclosed to nominees).

* 3. The teacher will have demonstrated a passion for what (s)he teaches.

* 4. The teacher is committed enough to excellence to take risks, be innovative, and try new approaches to teaching and learning.

* 5. The teacher will have demonstrated a commitment to his/her professional development.

* 6. The teacher will be an actively positive peer influence, sharing new ideas and working to support colleagues and the school.

* 7. Feel free to provide any other comments or observations you would like the selection committee to consider.