1. SBIR Client Eligibility Survey

L&D Associates Consulting Group, Inc is committed to providing quality grant management services to its clients. Before beginning the management and writing processes L&D Associates evaluates the prospective client’s eligibility to pursue an SBIR Phase I or Phase II application. We also ensure the client is in a position to compensate our management and writing teams upon engagement.

We appreciate your interest in our services and look forward to working with you on your SBIR initiatives.

* 1. In what country is your firm registered and owned?

* 2. What percentage of the firm is owned by US citizens?

* 3. How many employees work in the firm?

* 4. Is your firm a “for profit” entity?

* 5. Does your firm have a collaborative relationship with an academic institution? If so, please describe the institution and relationship.

* 6. Is the firm reporting a positive cash flow in the current fiscal year?

* 7. Is the firm prepared to remunerate the grant management team for SBIR grant application efforts?

* 8. Identification and Significance of Problem to be addressed in SBIR Phase I

* 9. SBIR Phase I Technical Objectives

* 10. What federal agency and proposal submission date are you working toward?

* 11. Has your firm obtained the necessary registration credentials for electronic submission of federal grant applications?

* 12. Has your firm completed the Credential Provider Registration

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100% of survey complete.