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Licensed data represents a massive opportunity to reduce costs, improve efficiency and expand the horizons of available data. Buying and using licensed data presents challenges to the status quo of custom collect and locally sourced approaches. 

By completing this survey, you will have the opportunity to review a summary of the results. 

The purpose of this survey is to inform our further outreach and education 

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* 1. What is your work email address? 

We'll use this to share the results with you, or respond to any questions you might have.

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* 2. Which types of data (available for licensed use) are most applicable to your organization:

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* 3. Which of these potential barriers to adopting licensed data are holding you back?

  Low Concern Some Concern High Concern
Terms of Service Limitations  (Restrictions around creating derivative products, storing results, enriching existing data, sharing data publicly)
Learning curve for adoption / training staff on new data/technology
Data accuracy / Specifications that do not exactly fit the required use case
Managing and controlling users and access
Redundancy, already have invested in locally sourced data
Concern about 3rd-party dependency / subscription-based services
Uncertain about cost and pricing
Need for additional ROI / justification to purchase

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* 4. For any options ranked 4 or above (high concern), feel free to provide more information about your concern. We'll be in touch if you have any specific questions. 

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