1. Chalkboards to Computers: A Lindbergh School Retrospective

Thank you for filling out this survey to help us collect information for the Missouri History Museum exhibit! Your answers will be read by students who will use your ideas for our research.

We would love scanned images/documents from North Junior High/The Middle School/Truman Middle School/ECE/Truman School
send to jhake@lindberghschools.ws

Documents/artifacts can also be delivered to
Truman Elementary c/o Jane Hake
12225 Eddie and Park Road
St. Louis, Missouri, 63127
or call 729-2400 ext 7216

* 1. Please tell us who you are, and how to contact you!

* 2. My experience with the Truman School Building is as a

* 3. Which of these can you share with our students? (Check all that apply)

* 4. If you would like to share a story with us, please type it here.

* 5. We will be conducting interviews at Truman School between 12:40 and 2:00 during the months of January and February. Please indicate your availablility to attend one of these interviews, (weather permitting).

* 6. Please tell us anything else you would like for us to know as we conduct our research and prepare our exhibit.