1. Call for Exhibitors for Get Energized! Powering the Future with Green STEM Education

Thank you for your interest in demonstrating a hands-on Green STEM activity or sharing information on a Green STEM career on May 15, 2013, at Get Energized! Powering the Future with Green STEM Education! Space is limited -- we will try to accommodate as many exhibits as possible, but likely won't be able to offer exhibitor space to all applicants. There will also be a general Green STEM Education Resources area for displaying and sharing information on programs, events, and professional development.

Green STEM Activity Demonstration: Presenters will be set up in a large open room with 10-15 activity demonstrations taking place simultaneously. Event participants will circulate, observing brief demonstrations of Green STEM activities and gathering information on programs and services from presenters. Demonstration activities should be hands-on, interactive and illustrate a green STEM concept in action. Activities should be between 10 and 30 minutes in length and repeated at least once during the hour long session.

Green STEM Career Speakers: Professionals from green careers may set up an exhibit that provides insight on what jobs in their field are like and what credentials individuals interested in pursuing a career in a particular field are required.

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