Townhall Program

The MAB will offer a 30 minute townhall program beginning  XXXXX
This will be a statewide townhall featuring questions from the audience and answers by some of the top doctors in the state.

MAB members WJBK, WDIV and WXYZ will produce the 30-minute pre-recorded program with a 2-minute break that you may localize.

We encourage all TV and radio stations to tape the hosted program and carry it over-the-air and streaming.

Please see the attached explaination and fill out the form below. 

Please respond ASAP.

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* 1. Would you carry the Townhall program? (Check all that apply)

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* 2. If you plan to carry the Townhall Program please provide the following:

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* 3. If you have date and times that you will be airing, please let us know when (date/time) you will air it:

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